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Trial Staff/GFX
04-28-2017, 02:15 AM
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RE: Trial Staff/GFX
Desired Position:Trial

*Full Name (First Middle Last):Angelo Chris M. Bulangis
*Nick Name:Gelo
*Languages:Tagalog, English
*Address:Del Pilar Street Cotabato City
Telephone Number:N/A
Mobile Number:09758152294

*Character Name you always use:SugarPuppy

*Email Address:[email protected]
*Facebook Profile
MSN / YM:[email protected]

*How would you describe yourself as a person?
-I describe myself as a gamer the better gamer and a good person, helpful, generous, and kind.

*What can you do for this server?
-I can do for this server is to active the players in game and more fun to the EAGLEGUNZ and invite the others to play EAGLEGUNZ

*What experience do you have that would help you?
-My experiece i have that would help me is the players,the player is happy if will have an event or they have a GM that will provide the happy to the players.

*Why should we hire you?
-If you hire me i will do my best that will take care the server and i always be active on the game.

*What can you contribute to this server?
-I can contribute to this server is more players or invite more players and more events and new event game.

*Why are you the best person for the position?
-I'm the best person for the position because I will do my best to do my work.

*How do you handle stress and pressure?
-I handle stress by being exercise every morning and i handle pressure to watching movies or something funny for me.

*What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?
-The most difficult decision to make is you making decision that you never think it.

*Who was the best Staff and who was the worst Staff? Add explanation.
-For me the best staff is Consequence because he online in every day and he doing everything for the players.
-The worst Staff for me is nalimg because he folling the players in clan war and typing the over power of being staff.
*Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?
-I prefer to work independently because if you don't work independently on a team you will must end at not on time.

*Being a leader, what are the most important decisions you make as a leader?
-Being a leader the most important decision i make as a leader is being wise and work as a team and a good leader to respect me

*Ideas for this server:
-The Administrator here in this server is doing his/her part to just play more players.

*Create a Mission and Vision for Eagle GunZ.
Mission:More Players or invite more players, New event games and bring happiness to the player
Vision:To realize the players that the eagle gunz is good to play.

Screenshots of what you did to this
*Provide a scan or picture copy of Birth Certificate and present ID:
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